About Lagabag

Group PhotoGroup Photo from May 2011

Lagabag Morris was a mixed Cotswold Morris side. Lagabag was formed in 1990 by Richard and Sue Davis, and folded in April 2018. Lagabag Morris danced in the Cotswold tradition and was a “mixed” side, which means that we had both male and female dancers. We danced at a variety of events and venues throughout the summer months, including village fetes, folk festivals and of course pubs. We also went on occasional trips further afield including Normandy.

Dancing at Tide MillDancing at Tide Mill

About Lagabag’s name

“Lagabag” is an archaic Suffolk dialect term meaning a lazy person, similar to “lazybones” in modern English.

About Lagabag’s Colours & Logo

We were frequently asked why a Morris team from Ipswich would dance in the colours of Norwich, Ipswich’s traditional rival football team. Oops! Lagabag’s founders picked the colours to be bright, colourful and unlike any other team strip used locally. None of the locals in the side at that time were football fans so the reason that no local teams were using yellow and green strips totally passed us by. We soon found out the reason when we started performing! However, it was bright, colourful and locally distinctive so we decided to stick with it.

The sunflower logo on our badge did not have any particularly historic significance; it was simply a jolly round thing which went with the green, yellow and brown colour scheme. The bit in the middle is a Morris bellpad bell.

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